Welcome to Seahawke Rigging, Inc. for all your rope and cordage requirements. Performance is as important as safety at sea. That's why we offer a complete range of hand-spliced anchoring rope, mooring rope, and specialty rope.

Through our trusted partners, we offer rope employing a combination of cutting-edge fibers and innovative technologies designed to withstand everything from blistering sun to heavy weather conditions.

It is critical to get the right rope for the job and our sales professionals provide expert advice for you. We take into account the need for both high performance and aesthetic qualities so the rope compliments the boat.

We supply everything from high quality dock lines spliced and whipped to your specification, to all of your running rigging needs.

Our dedicated splicing department at Seahawke Rigging, Inc. services both sailing and motor yachts. We work in partnership with leading global rope and hardware suppliers, and we are always refining splicing and production methods. We also regularly test hardware and ropes both in-house and at our partnered testing facilities.

CONTACT LESLIE HAWKER at Seahawke Rigging at +1 954-612-4443 for more information regarding your rope and cordage needs.

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